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Post by Kreysthahl on Fri Jul 16, 2010 1:41 am

  1. IC: IC or In Character posting is to be kept out of the OOC forums.

  2. OOC: OOC or Out Of Character posts are to be kept in the OOC forums or at the very minimal in any other forum. Just make sure that we know which part of your post is IC and which is OOC.

  3. God-Moding: Do not use (i.e. going somewhere, saying, hearing, seeing, or doing something, etc.) someone else’s character or private NPC in your post unless you have their express permission to do so. If you do get permission, I suggest you hold onto that permission if what you’re doing to that character is more than just moving them around. Example below.

    Wrong: L'rod grabbed Lesara by the neck and tossed her over the cliff.
    Right: L'rod made a grab for Lesara’s neck with the intention of tossing her over the cliff.

    That goes right along with auto playing. Under any circumstances, you cannot kill/maim another character without their permission. After you receive their permission, it must be cleared by an administrator first, so contact one.

  4. Power-Playing: No power playing. Your character does not have super powers or magical abilities. So remember, you are an average normal human being not Superman.

  5. Back Edits: You can edit your posts in the IC thread for spelling or BB Code corrections but please do not go back and edit the IC posts for purposes of changing the responses, interaction, sequences, etc. Once you do, that would in turn make the following response posts that were already made, inconsistent to the way the events have fallen, since they would be following after the original actions that were posted. It would be considered an unwelcome manipulation of outcomes and the ability to play that character might be revoked should you be found doing Back Edits persistently after being warned by a Staff member.

  6. Topic Creation: Try to state a topic title that would best describe what the thread is all about and be as specific as possible. In addition, in topic description, try stating what time of day said topic occured.

    For example in the Candidate Dens:
    Topic Title: Lesla's Den - Settling In
    Topic Description: (Morning 1-50-455 AS)

    In this way, we should be able to know if a character can join the thread or not. I mean, you cannot have your character in two places at once at the same time. In addition, you can create a topic that occurs earlier from the current date. It does not have to be happening during the current date if you do not want it to be.

  7. Threads and Posting: Your minimum is to post at least one paragraph. If there are more than two Role-Players in a thread, please take turns and allow the others to respond. In turn, please have time for the RP at least once a week before you decide to join the RP thread. And please let us know if you think you will be gone for more than a week but expect to return. In addition, please do not leave out another character by talking to just one character when there are three of you in the RP thread.

  8. Forum Jumping: When you are in a thread, before forum or category jumping, please be sure to announce you are leaving the thread you are currently in. It will help with the consistency and add to the realism so that others will know you've left the thread entirely.

    For example: Lesara said her farewell to L’rod. She got up from her chair and left the Mess Hall to go to her Den.

  9. Vacation Notice: If you will be on vacation, please let us know. If you do not post for ninety (90) days, your character becomes an AIC (Adoptable Inactive Character). If for any reason your character is not reactivated or adopted within a year, other players may be able to get permission for your character to be killed off.

  10. Thread Death: Threads can die too and will be locked when they have become officially dead, have come to an ending point, or have become too long and a new thread had been started. Threads that have died (no new posts for at least 60 days) will be closed and moved either to The Cemetery or The Burial Chambers. Should you want a particular thread in The Cemetery to be revived, please PM an Admin or Moderator.

  11. Grammar and Details: Read threads and follow their example. Please have as much correct spelling as possible and do not skimp and say U for You etc. This is an RPG based in creative writing and the preference is that it is story-like, with plenty of details, thoughts and feelings in a story format. That means you must write in the third person point of view.

    Wrong: I have a dragonling called Lovely.
    Right: Lesla has a dragonling called Lovely.

  12. Consistency: Character position within the RP Thread, such as if your character is in a jungle up a vine, they cannot suddenly be in a village or touch the hair of someone who is standing on the ground many feet below the vine. They need to role play getting from point A to point B.

  13. Mature Content: If your characters are going to have some adult fun, please label the thread Mature or Rated 18+ or Rated X or whatever words you want to use to mean that the contents in the topic are not for those of minor age. If we find out you haven’t, shame on you. Remember, there are younger people on this site.

  14. Profanity: If you must use profanity, keep it to the words provided for you in Oaths and Swears.

  15. Laws Of Physics: If you fall and there is no particular reason you know how to fly, you will drop to the ground incurring wounds and/or broken bones. This is not a cartoon where characters just get up and dust themselves after taking a fall from twenty feet in the air. Therefore, should you get hurt in any way, you will not be ok and good to go by your next post. You are expected to allocate healing time for your character. Healing your character will be faster if you make your character apply healing herbs and other medicinal remedies that he/she has in his/her person when he/she fell, or by making your character see a Healer but only if the Healer chooses to help your character.

  16. The Powers Of Knowing: Your character cannot know what you know from reading the posts in the thread. In other words they cannot magically "know" something important that you have discovered while reading the posts in a thread.

  17. Internet Lingo: Please, do not make any Internet abbreviations such as "lol" for "laughing out loud".

  18. Technology: Please no modern technology. This RPG is set in a medieval time frame and the current population no longer has the technological knowledge for making technological gadgetry, even though they may still have the capability for them. There may be some gadgets still working but those will be few and far between.

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