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Affiliating Rules

Post by Kreysthahl on Tue Jun 01, 2010 2:39 am

If you wish to affiliate with Dragon Riders of Kreysthahl, then all you have to do is post the following in the Advertise & Affiliate section of the forum with the subject Affiliation Request:
[b]Contact Name:[/b]  Real or Alias
[b]Site Name:[/b]  Your Web Site Title
[b]Site URL:[/b]
[b]Image:[/b]  (URL or image.  Must be 88x31.)
[b]Description:[/b]  (Brief description only.  This is what folks will see when they hover over your button.)
If you wish to affiliate with us, it must be understood that you need to have a link to DRK (where I can easily find it), and we'll have one here for you.  Below are my site's details.

Contact Name: Kreysthahl
E-mail: kreysthahl [ @ ] gmail [ . ] com (Take out the spaces and brackets.)
Site Name: Dragon Riders of Kreysthahl
Site URL:
Images: No Direct-Linking or Hot-Linking. Don't know what Direct-Linking is? Take a look at What is Hot-Linking? at AltLab!  If you don't like any of the images provided below, you are more than welcome to make a button code for us that you'll use.

Description: A Play-by-Post Dragon Rider RPG

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