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History of Kreysthahl

Post by Kreysthahl on Mon Jul 04, 2011 9:12 pm

During the first fifteen cycles, roughly more than thirty years earth time, of relative peace in Kreysthahl, the people started to physically change gradually. Peoples' lives became longer and their eyes were turning into something like a cat's eye. Their hair color even began to change from something simple to something bizarre. This changes to their physical self were occurring because they were adapting to the bacteria in the air. In addition, they were healthier by far compared to when they were back on Earth. The Medics were somewhat stumped as to why such things would occur just because of the bacteria on the air. However, since, no one was suffering from it, they held their peace. In addition, newborns were being born already with slitted eyes, and they are starting to age according to Kreysthahl time instead of Earth time. Those few people who were already fifty when they reached Kreysthahl, were all still alive and well, and looked as if they would still be alive for a couple of decades or more.

During the first Shower, when Firanth and Spirith matured, they mated as much as possible to produce many clutches. Firanth never clutched less than twenty eggs. Even the Reds and female Greens helped with clutching two to ten eggs. However, once a Red or female Green started to breathe either fire or ice, they become infertile. Seeing that there were enough dragons to keep the people safe, the Reds and Greens were encouraged to breathe fire or ice as soon as possible to lower the numbers of the dragon population. They may still rise to mate, but they will never produce a clutch. Back when Firanth and Spireth Impressed, not all of those hatchlings that hatched chose to Impress with a human. Some of them chose to be wild. And over the years, the number of wild dragons became less but never reached a point of extinction, there always seemed to be about fifty of them flying loose and wild. However, once in a while, but never often, an adult wild dragon would choose a human to Impress and be his/her Rider.

Because of the ever-growing population of the dragons, the Rider-folk needed to look for better accommodations. That was when the Dens were established. The hollowed out volcano pits became the Dens. Usually, Dens are established near a river or lake. It took time to carve out dwellings out of the wall of the volcano. They even carved into the volcano to divert water from the river or lake into a corner of the pit of the volcano. A Den can house a least two thousand dragons. Carved into the inner wall of the volcano are dragon dens, where a rider and his/her dragon will live. A few Tree-folk decided to move into the Dens, who later became known as the Den-folk, to help the Riders with basic everyday stuff like cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other mundane chores. Because Riders became too busy with their dragons and with protecting the planet, a few people began giving tithes to the nearest Den in their area until the giving of tithes to the Den they were beholden to became a tradition. In addition, a number of guilds were set up so that people will learn only the essential knowledge needed for their chosen career. These guilds were set up using the mentoring system. Before the first Shower ended, three Dens were responsible for protecting Kreysthahlia.

After the first Shower, over the cycles, there was a gradual decline in numbers of the dragonlings. However, the people did not concern themselves over it because they now had the dragons. When imminent danger has passed, the Queens started producing less and less clutches. It came to a point where a Queen only clutched five eggs. However, when a Queen produces her last clutch, always another Queen will be among the clutch. The four hundred cycles of interval is almost over. The Shower will commence again in the future.

This is now where the story for your RP should begin.

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