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First Shower and First Impression

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First Shower and First Impression

Post by Kreysthahl on Mon Jul 04, 2011 8:52 pm

The people who colonized Kreysthahl had been living peacefully for fifteen cycles. There was now roughly eight thousand people living, scattered around The Center in every direction, before the first Shower occurred. The Shower occurs every four hundred cycles Kreysthahl time and lasts for sixty cycles. However, the colonists didn't know that when they landed. Moreover, because of the bacteria that were in the air, they are planet-bound. Before the first Fall of the Shower occurred however, the people noticed a great big comet pass by so near the planet that they could distinguish its color. They have therefore called this comet, Blue Streak. When the first day the Fall occurred, at least a third of the population died. The Fall is like a Ribbon, space debris from the comet's tail that falls like black ribbons, that when it falls to the ground or on anything, the surrounding area bursts to fire. When the people first tried to douse the fire with water, it only made the fire stronger as if water was a source of fuel. That was when the people knew of the hidden abilities of the dragonlings. Some of the dragonlings all Ported to a place a few hundred feet above the dwellings of the humans, froze the showering Ribbons and then burned them out of the sky until the Ribbons were no more but vapor, which must be where the sea got its iridescent sheen. While the other dragonlings proceeded to freeze the fire that had started on the ground and then blasting the frozen fire, with their fiery breath, till it was nothing but vapor.

The governing officers decided that the survivors of the first Shower were to return to The Center. The people received fire extinguishers and Fire Fighters worked overtime to try to stop the Ribbons from burning the rest of the place. Unfortunately, as this catastrophe was happening, a volcano near The Center gave signs that it will erupt some time in the near future. The governing officers dispatched some people to look for a new place to settle that didn't have an active volcano.

The people dispatched tried the largest continent to see if it was viable. While flying over the continent, the pilot noticed that the trees didn't burst into fire when a Ribbon landed. The Ribbon was still on the tree but the tree was not burning. That was when they thought of making tree houses. The giant trees called Blue Wood, named for its leaf color derived its name after the Red Wood giant trees of earth. A Blue Wood is at least two hundred and fifty feet tall. Their base is as wide as five acres. That means they could carve out the trees in levels to make a decent home to house a thousand people more or less. Therefore, they found a cluster containing twenty Blue Woods. The first Tree City of Kreysthahl called Kreysthahlia. Careful planning and research deemed it safe to carve out ten levels out of the tree and still make the tree safe to live in. The people dispatched carved out the levels from the Blue Woods so that at most a thousand people, one hundred per level, can safely live in it. It took a cycle to carve out the trees that would house the people of The Center. After finishing their grueling work, the people dispatched reported their work over the cycle to the governing officers back in The Center, and so the people of The Center began the journey of moving from The Center to the largest continent. However, before the people could move out of The Center, the volcano near The Center decided to blow and there was panic and confusion in getting off The Center. In the confusion, people didn't realize that most of their dragonlings were no longer with them and left behind.

After moving to the largest continent, which the people called Northland, of which over the cycles became known as Noran, it wasn't until a month passed before anybody noticed that there weren't many of the dragonlings anymore. The people thought that the dragonlings couldn't stay here in Northland. However, no one really dwelled on it since the people were safe for now from the dreaded Shower but the countryside wasn't so they still needed to go out and put out the fires. Their supplies of fire extinguishers were steadily dwindling and they needed a steady supply of ice or water and someway of disposing Ribbon. It was then that people started thinking of their dragonlings but there were so few of them now. Just a couple hundred when there were thousands at The Center. So again, the governing officers sent out people to look for dragonling nests.

There was a couple, Corran and Serena, which went out looking for eggs. They were the children who first found the dragonling nest. They still had their dragonlings with them. Over the cycles, they were able to command their dragonlings to do things for them. This time, they asked their dragonlings to find a dragonling egg to help fight the Ribbon. However, the dragonlings took them near the mountains instead of near the shore. Corran and Serena thought that the dragonlings must be mistaken and were about to tell their dragonlings to come back when they heard a humming from somewhere inside the mountain. They were not the only ones that the dragonlings led into the mountain. Other people who still had dragonlings came to the same mountain that Corran and Serena's flock of dragonlings did. After careful looking, they found a cave and followed it inside that led into a huge cavern. They were astonished to find themselves in a cavern full of, well they look like dragonlings but they are so much bigger and they look like Earth's famous mythical creatures, the dragons. Unlike the dragonlings, dragons wait for or anticipate the hatching of the eggs. When all the people with dragonlings crowded into the cavern, one dragon guarding the clutch of hatching eggs eyed and tasted the scent of the people. Finding nothing wrong with the scent of these peculiar animals, the mother dragon deemed it okay for the animals to be present in the hatching. During the hatching, a silver-colored hatchling was crying its hunger and looking around for someone/something to take off its hunger. The mother dragon nudged the little hatching closer to the animals and the hatchling went straight for Corran. When the hatchling was in front of Corran's feet, Corran looked down and Impression occurred. At the same time, Corran was shocked to hear a voice in his head, I am Spirith. I am King and you will be my Rider. I am hungry. At first the mother dragon was surprised at the Impression but then, hatchlings chooses who it Impresses just as she herself chose hers so very long ago. Looking at what was happening to Corran, Serena didn't notice that there was also an iridescent hatchling in front of her. The hatchling had to get Serena's attention by bumping her knee. Looking down another Impression occurred, Serena amazed heard a voice in her head, I am Firanth. I am Queen and you will be my Rider. And I am very hungry. In addition, other dragons Impressed with the other people who came into the cavern. In the end, a dozen people were able to Impress with the hatchlings, four females including the Queen and eight males including the King. However, not all the hatchlings chose to Impress with other humans who have not yet Impressed.

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