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Landing on Kreysthahl

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Landing on Kreysthahl

Post by Kreysthahl on Mon Jul 04, 2011 8:24 pm

Because of the ever-growing population of Earth a number of people from all lifestyles decided to leave Earth in search of a new planet to call home. Three fourths of the members of this expedition have doctorate degrees in a variety of fields that were necessary for the survival of humans in other planets. There were all in all five thousand of them in two ships. Most of them were in Cryogenic Stasis the whole way. However, the crewmembers are awakened from cryogenic stasis every three years in shifts. They spend a month making sure everything is still running A OK. It only takes six crewmembers to run/check the ship's space worthiness. There are three groups of six crewmembers aboard each ship. The ships can run by itself having an Al program that can decide pretty much everything. However, something happened that the Al program aboard the ships couldn't handle, while in Hyperspace, the ships accidentally came upon a wormhole and were caught in it immediately. By the time the crewmembers were awakened, the ships were already in unknown space and the wormhole was gone.

When the crewmembers were up, they found themselves in uncharted space. The Al program of the ships couldn't even recognize any of the stars in the surrounding area. This brought home the idea that they were completely cut-off from Earth. The crewmembers that were awake decided to wake up the other members of the crew. The newly awakened crewmembers were updated on the current situation of the ships. Communicating with each other in the two ships, they decided that the original 6 who were supposed to take the shift would stay awake for a year to make sure that they find a planet before they encounter another problem that the Al program might not be able to handle. It took six shifts before the crew discovered a viable planet. When the crewmembers that were awake first discovered Kreysthahl, they were shocked because the planet defied the laws of gravity. Impossible as it may seem, the planet was four times the size of earth and yet have gravity lower than earth's. In addition, the conception of time there would be very long. Sending a probe to the planet, they found that there were three landmasses of different sizes. They saw that most of the creatures were aviators. They saw a few grazers and carnivores, and a number of marine creatures. The probe sent all these information back to the ship and much more. It seems there was some sort of bacteria permeating the air. The air itself was more pure than that of earth's. Since there were animals, maybe the bacteria was harmless. However, the crewmembers decided to send two of their members down to the planet and see what happens. They then decided on how long they should stay down there. In the end, they decided that the people going down should stay there for two months planet time or a little over six months earth time.

After living down the planet for two months Kreysthahl time, the crew decided to go back up to the ships to let the others know that nothing bad have happened to them and that they feel absolutely better than they did before. At the ship, the medical doctors ran a full diagnostics on the crewmembers that went down to the planet. The medical doctors where amazed to find that the crew members where in very good physical condition and some even looked younger than when they went down. However, the doctors also found the bacteria in the air now resided in the crewmembers' blood stream. The doctors talked to themselves and decided that the crewmembers must have adapted to the planet gradually over the months without them knowing it. As it is, the crew members were beginning to show signs that something was wrong, all they could say though was that there was something wrong in the ship's air. That was when the doctors knew that going down the planet would mean staying there forever for better or for worse. Because of the increasing uneasiness of the members who went down, the other crewmembers decided to wake up the officers. Upon fully awakening from the cryogenic sleep, the officers were informed of the situation regarding the planet and the crewmembers that went down. After some very long discussions, the officers decided to take a chance and make the planet their home. Therefore, the chore of transporting the people from the ship to the planet commenced.

They chose to land on the smallest continent, the one without too much trees or mountains unlike the other two bigger landmasses, to use as the The Center point. It took some time for this to accomplish because houses needed construction before people go down to the planet. The first to go down were paleontologists, zoologists, botanists, medics, chemists, and geologists. Then construction workers were next to go down to the planet to construct housing and other buildings while the scientists were doing tests and surveys. When the central buildings were done and a few housing buildings, the civilians were the next to go down. The construction workers kept on constructing housing until all the civilian families were accommodated. The housing were identical with two bedrooms. A single civilian shared with another single civilian, a couple shared with another couple, and families with children had the house to themselves. The bathing facilities had to be central for now so there were two buildings made, for men and for women.

Over the days and months, the people were lucky enough to adapt to the planet. Gradually, others moved out from The Center, the place where they landed, and settled on other places. When two families decided to move near the beach, the children, a seven-year-old girl from one family and a nine-year-old boy from another family found the first dragonling nest. The children decided to look after the nest and see what hatches from the eggs. The children took to camping near the nest with provisions. After a few days, the eggs began to hatch. The first to emerge was an iridescent dragonling; the children couldn't help but feel the creature's hunger. Feeling bold, the girl decided to come out of her hiding and threw a morsel of food from her hand towards the dragonling. The dragonling smelling the food proceeded to eat it. When the dragonling ate the first morsel, the girl threw another morsel all the while thinking as if to let the dragonling know that the food was okay to eat and that she has more, if it wants more. The dragonling sensing what the girl was thinking, it decided that it was okay to come near her and eat from her hand. When the dragonling flew to land on the girl's outstretched hand, the girl was a bit surprised and looked down to the dragonling at her hand at the same time that the dragonling looked to the girl. That was when the first Imprinting of dragonlings occurred. The boy seeing the success of the girl decided to mimic what the girl did. While watching the hatching, the children noticed that the dragonlings came in a variety of color. Some were one solid color while others sported two or three colors. In the end, both the boy and the girl were able to Imprint two dragonlings each an iridescent and a red-gold for the girl, and a silver-blue and blue-green-yellow for the boy. Their find were brought back to The Center for observations. When one of the dragonlings were about to be subjected in an x-ray machine, it got so frightened that it Went from the lab to the girl's shoulder in the blink of an eye. In the end, the dragonlings were deemed ok to have as a pet and there was a rush to nearby shores for other inhabitants to Imprint a dragonling. Soon, all civilians had at least one dragonling. In addition, if you had three or more dragonlings, it was called a flock.

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